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Don’t know how Muule works? Read this article on neighbour to neighbour shipping

Anton Geldenhys, a self-employed Cape Town courier, recently also became a driver for Muule, a web-based service platform that connects people who have something to send with people already going that way. In the next few weeks, Anton hopes to have some company on his regular drive to Hermanus – like maybe a giant birdcage

In the last few months, Anton has done 6 jobs for Muule and he hopes to pick up a bunch more as the nationwide service expands.

“Once it gets more established, I think there will be deliveries popping up all over the country,” said Anton, 49. “People here have things to ship, and I think I can make a decent living”

Someone is going somewhere all the time

Muule was created in 2013 but only really took off in 2016 after some intense social media advertising, in the last 12 months Muule has signed up 275 Muule’s and we have delivered 253 items from envelopes to paintings to pets , you name we have delivered it

Drivers sign up with Muule, and when a delivery gets posted that’s on their way to some destination, they can take it.

Muule works differently to a courier, when you load your delivery to the Muule platform you decide what price you want to pay to get it to its destination, if a Muule is happy they will accept , if they are not the Muule will counter offer and a price will be decided on to make both parties happy

Muule drivers keep 80% of the fees and Muule keeps 20%

If you are on the road all the time or even just a trip to work and back you can cover your petrol by collecting and delivering a parcel

“We need velocity. We need people going all over the place.”

Some, like Eddie Vossloo of JHB, are Uber drivers aswell as Muule drivers, kill two birds with one stone, others are traveling salespeople, and some, like Anton, have truck routes that regularly take them to major areas.

When you overlay all the trips people are taking, we have a bigger heat map than the Postal Service , HUGE potential.

Moreover, Muule can be more flexible about what it delivers than traditional shippers

If a guy shows up at UPS with a huge bird cage that’s going to be a problem, what the guy really needs is someone with a bakkie and rope

To become a Muule driver, people must scan the front of their drivers’licenses and provide information on their vehicles and insurance.

Besides hauling packages for individuals, Muule gets work from small businesses such as florists, bakeries and print shops

In addition, Muule has begun transporting pets for owners who don’t want to put them on planes.

Basically, we are a company that allows people to send all sorts of things, but we don’t rely on airlines or trucks or sorters at big shipping companies.

We want to change the way people send things

All packages are automatically covered by our Muule protection package for up to R5000

Out of 253 deliveries we have only one damaged item and that was the handle broke off a quad bike. We called our mechanic and within a few hours he had it fixed

Though Muule still wants more drivers ,the network is beginning to provide solid coverage in some areas.

“We had a delivery going from Paarl to just outside Hermanus,. “It was accepted in 15 minutes. That’s the kind of velocity we’re trying to build.”