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Don’t know what to do once you have bought something on Gumtree and need it collected and delivered?


Be aware of the collection location and your safety

Perhaps you know the collection area well, but if it’s somewhere you’ve not been before or a road you’re unfamiliar with, then you can always take a look beforehand on Google Street view.

If you have concerns about the area, take someone with you to collect the item and don’t stay around chatting for too long with the seller. Alternatively, if you’re not sure about collecting it yourself, you could always have the item picked up by one of our Muule’s and delivered to you.

How you do that is

Go to

Sign up as a user in order to load your item for delivery

Load all the details of the collection and delivery so that the Muule knows where to go

Save the delivery and check the market place that it is there

You select the day and time you want it collected and delivered

You decide what you want to pay e.g: you purchased a desk from someone in Paarl and you want it delivered to Wellington, that isn’t too far so a fair price would be R100

If the Muule is happy he will accept , if he isn’t he may counter offer and say he willing to do it for R150

If you are happy you accept his counter offer and the collection/ delivery takes place

Muule delivers anything from keys to wallets, from artwork to cabinets, from chairs to couches and beds